Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Passing Gallstones – Is It Possible?

Passing gallstones may sound like an unreal idea for most people but it is very possible to dissolve gallstones naturally and finally get rid of the problems they bring. Yet, we find that many doctors and “authorities” claims that the only way to get rid of your gallstones is by means of gallbladder surgery . This is no surprise as the medical industry is extremely profitable.

You and anyone can learn how to start passing gallstones and be free of pain. By following a natural treatment you can end up also keeping gallstones from forming in your body for the rest of your life.

The treatment for gallstones has been different over the years, at first, if you had gallbladder pain, you just needed to endure the pain as long as you could to then go visit the doctor for a surgery of gallbladder removal. This of course with time was corrected because living without a gallbladder brought more problems than the ones they solved. In fact, some studies show that removing the gallbladder increases the risk of developing colon and bowel cancer.

Modern research points out that gallstone problems can be prevented and cured with a natural approach. Passing gallstones is possible.

How Can You Dissolve Gallstones Naturally?

First, you can start by increasing your water intake. Water is very important for our overall health and will help flush out the bad elements in your body. Water in good amounts must be drank throughout the day and not all at once. A glass of water per hour is a good rule to start with.

Your diet is another major component when it comes to passing gallstones. If you suffer this problem, a diet wit low fat and high fiber amounts will be your best bet. In the long run this diet will also help you lose weight - a very desirable side effect!

If you want to prevent gallstones from forming, you can use baby aspirin. According to a recent study it help preventing gallstones from forming, it is effective and many doctors are now recommending this.

Finally, you should take lecithin a supplement that helps bile keep cholesterol flushed. This is a very important component in your efforts to start passing your gallstones.

Passing Gallstones is Not a Myth

You can get rid of gallstones naturally, and thousands of people are witnesses of this fact. It has helped them recover good health and avoid the high costs of a surgery.

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  1. Is there a certain form of Vit C that dissolves gall stones better than another. What about liquid Vit C?